How to use this tool

This is a little tool I put together to create a PICO-8 game website.
To add a game, you must enter in all the information for it, press 'Add game', and voila! A game
has been added. To actually have this work, you need to put the game.html and game.js files in the same directory. Then it will work fine.

To put this on the web, I would reccomend Github and Netlify.
Put all the files into Github (I expect you know how, but heres a tutorial), then go to Netlify and add a new
site. Press 'Import from an existing project,' sign in to github, and select the repo you
want to put on the web. Then, you can press Deploy Site at the bottom of the page.
Then, you press 'Domain settings,' and go to Custom Domains, and press 'Options' on the current one.
Edit it to whatever you want. To have a .com name (or .net, or whatever), you need some money
(I'm not going to put a tutorial for that here).

Landing Page Info

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